About Delchem

Delchem was started in 1980 to produce a line of insulated glass sealants that would consistently exceed our customer’s expectations. We have built this company by listening and responding quickly to customers’ feedback on special formulations, new product development idea, and request for application guidance and assistance.

As a family owned and run company we have maintained high standards for the past thirty-two years, never bowing to pressure to make a cheaper, less effective product. Delchem IG sealants are used in the fabrications of a variety of insulating glass products across the United States and around the globe in Germany, Russia, Canada, Belgium, Mexico, and China among others.

Delchem produces three of the most frequently used IG sealants. D80 is our Polysulfide IG Sealant. D90 is our Polyurethane IG Sealant. D100 series is our Hot Melt Butyl IG Sealant line. In 1998, Delchem introduced the industry to D2000 a true REACTIVE Hot Melt Butyl, which set newer and higher standards for IG sealant performance.

IG fabricators using Delchem’s IG sealants will routinely attain full CBA credentials, IGCC and IGMA product certifications when applied in a suitable environment and appropriate workmanship.

Delchem IG sealants are of the highest quality and used by the most demanding fabricators for their toughest jobs. Time and again, customers call on Delchem for IG sealants that will stand the test of time and the elements. The Delchem customer is concerned with quality and knows that Delchem will never let them down.